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                                          A Life Care Planning Law Firm 

When you hire us, you pay a flat fee and begin a relationship with a dedicated team who will be there for you for a full year.

Why Hire Us

​We understand how confused and overwhelmed the "health care maze" can leave you feeling when you or a loved one needs care. As both attorneys and adult children who helped our own loved ones navigate the maze, we faced many of the unfamiliar issues and difficult decisions that you and your family may be facing. Like most families, we turned to friends, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, social workers, attorneys, Medicare specialists and home health agencies for answers. Answers were often difficult to find and at times conflicted. Years later we have found a solution for other families faced with navigating this overwhelming maze: the Life Care Plan.

​As a life care planning law firm, we provide you and your family with the services of
one knowledgeable team, thus relieving the burden of locating and separately hiring an estate planning lawyer, a Medicaid planner, a VA benefits specialist, and an experienced healthcare coordinator (and getting them all to work together). Our flat fee means that if circumstances change, you and your family are free to call us during the one-year term of our engagement without hesitation or concern about incurring additional legal fees

Understanding how to use government programs available to help pay for care can be complex and confusing. Many older adults and their families appreciate having a law firm on their side, especially if there are problems with public benefits agencies, care providers or estranged family members.  

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With a Life Care Plan, you have a team that is with you
every step of the long-term care journey.

We Stand Out From The Crowd

Having someone who is already acquainted with and ready to advocate for you brings much-needed peace of mind, particularly if your family lives on a neighbor island or the Mainland.

​Why Hire Us

​We are elder law attorneys who specialize in creating a comprehensive plan to help you live your golden years with as much peace of mind as possible.  We approach our practice with one overriding principle: To represent YOU, the elder, above anyone else.  When you are our client, your needs are our top priority. The most rewarding part of our job is helping you navigate with confidence the difficult care choices and issues that may be a part of your golden years.

Like other elder law attorneys, we will create your estate plan documents, guide you to elder-centered services and when appropriate help with Medicaid planning.  But our services include so much more because we know from personal experience with our own older loved ones that your health can affect so many more decisions.


When you hire us, you pay a flat fee that is determined by the complexity of your needs, and begin a relationship with a dedicated team who will be there for you for a full year. From our perspective, you become a member of our family who we are honored to assist. Once you are a part of our family, we want to continue to offer you our assistance even after the initial year. If you appreciate the oversight and support of our Elder Care Coordinator, we provide continuing care coordination and monitoring services for additional years at a reduced cost.

In creating your comprehensive Life Care Plan, we go beyond the usual work of elder law attorneys because we help you make living arrangement and personal care choices, coordinate your various care sources, estimate and plan for future financial decisions brought about by your care needs, stand up for you and your wishes, monitor the quality of the care you are receiving to ensure it meets expectations, advocate for you with caregivers, care homes and family members, when necessary, and respond with help and access to our Elder Care Coordinator at no extra cost.