A  Life  Care  Plan  Can  Provide  Peace  of  Mind.


​A Life Care Plan is a road map to successfully navigate you through the "health care maze."  It is custom designed with your individual and family needs in mind to meet your long-term care goals and needs.  In designing your Life Care Plan, we first assess your current and future health care needs  and financial resources, and obtain the care recommendations  of  our  in- ​house R.N. Elder Care Coordinator. ​​​ Our   Elder   Law

​​​​That health crisis affects much more than just your bank account – It also affects your loved ones who are often already busy with full-time jobs and children to feed, clothe and watch over.  Even if they would welcome you into their homes, you don’t want to add to their already-stressful lives.

You have probably thought about this from time to time and been overwhelmed, deciding instead to adopt a wait-and-see attitude and do nothing in the meantime. After all, what can you do?

What can you do? –
You can take charge now and create a Life Care Plan to address many of the major issues you may face later in life.  If you have already suffered a major health crisis and are troubled by the types of questions just discussed, it is even more important that you create a Life Care Plan now to help see you though the rest of your years with more peace of mind and less uncertainty.

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  • Fourth, we provide a full year of periodic monitoring and oversight by our Elder Care Coordinator of the care you receive, as well as her guidance and support in handling care changes that may need to be implemented. This can be very helpful for adult children or other concerned relatives who may live far from you.​

  We help you implement your life care needs in four ways:

  • First, we help you identify where you want to live out your life, keeping in mind the state of your physical health and any prognosis for your future years. This is often your own home, but may include the home of an adult child or other relative, an independent- or assisted-living community, or a private care home. We help guide you to make good decisions by providing the knowledge and recommendations of an Elder Care Coordinator who knows and has visited the available options in the area you wish to live.

  • Second, we help you determine what your immediate as well as long-term care needs may be at your chosen residence: whether it is help with meal preparation and housekeeping, more personal help with bathing, dressing and the like, skilled  caregiver help with medication management, transportation help to doctors appointments and other places or other help unique to your living situation.​


  • ​​Third, we evaluate available private and public financial resources and design a plan to help you pay for the home you choose and the quality long-term care you will need.  This involves using a customized system of estate planning tools and, when appropriate, available government benefits and community services.​

With a Life Care Plan, you have a team that is with you

every step of the long-term care journey.

​We ​Focus On Maximizing The Quality Of Your Life

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protecting  your  assets  to  the greatest extent possible -- using private payment, appropriate government benefits available    to    help    pay    for    the care    (via   Medicare, Medicaid, VA benefits, etc.), estate planning tools, and community resources and other care programs.

Our caring team of Elder Law Attorneys and Elder Care Coordinators puts your needs first ​in offering guidance and continuing support to help you and your family understand what needs to be done to implement your Life Care Plan -- for everything from legal documents and government benefits qualification to obtaining help with medication management and respite relief for the well-spouse -- especially
if there is a crisis.

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Keep Control Of Your Life

Don't let the effect of health challenges as you age jeopardize your security.

What Is a Life Care Plan?

​Keep Control Of Your Life During Your Golden Years with a

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​Now that you have entered your golden years when you should be enjoying the fruits of your labors with family and friends, we know it is important to you to maintain control of your life. But the potential threat of a health crisis – heart attack, stroke, cancer, dementia or other debilitating illness or event – looms over all of us as we age and could derail our best-laid plans. You know that old saying: Life is what happens when you are making other plans.​ 

When a major health crisis lands you in the hospital, there are suddenly an overwhelming number of decisions to be made:

Can I return home and resume my life again? I don’t want to burden my kids, so how do I find the help I need? How will I get meals, go to the doctor and pick up my medicine? If I can’t live at home, where will I live? There are so many options that I am overwhelmed – how do I choose? What if I run out of money? Do I have to sacrifice leaving the house to the kids in order to pay for care?

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